"There is a real opportunity to eliminate debilitating infections among vulnerable people in Europe within a decade. By working together, the HA-REACT partners and the EU Commission will support the focus countries to achieve this goal.”

Mika Salminen, HA-REACT Coordinator, Director of the Department for Infectious Disease at Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare

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New Leaflet about Joint Action on HIV and Co-infection Prevention and Harm Reduction (HA-REACT)


This new leaflet describes the three-year project, which was launched in late 2015 with core funding from the European Union (EU), and is being implemented by 22 partners representing 18 EU Member States.

The overall aim of HA-REACT is to significantly contribute to the elimination of...

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WP5. Latvian and Lithuanian professionals visited the Czech Republic to learn about improving harm reduction for people who inject drugs

25.04.2017 to 27.04.2017

Two delegations from Latvia and Lithuania visited Prague (25-27 April), as part of the European “Joint Action on HIV and Co-Infection Prevention and Harm Reduction” (HA-REACT). Latvian and Lithuanian professionals from a variety of social health fields visited different harm reduction...

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Strengthening of Harm Reduction Response to Injecting of Drugs in Lithuania: Benefits from Participation in an EU Joint Action Project HAREACT


Vilnius Center for Addictive Disorders, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 3-6, 2017

Keynote Speaker: Emilis Subata

EU Joint Action on HIV and co-infection prevention and harm reduction (“HAREACT”) continues from October 2015 until September 2018. Twenty-three partners (organizations)...

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HA-REACT addresses existing gaps in the prevention of HIV and other co-infections, especially TB and viral hepatitis, among people who inject drugs

This three-year project was launched in late 2015 with core funding  from the European Union, and is being implemented by 23 partners in 18 EU Member States.

HA-REACT Advisory Board, 2016










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