Objective 4: To improve the provision of integrated HIV, HCV and TB treatment and harm reduction for PWID


The deliverables comprise a report mapping on the best practices to ensuring quality of integrated care in different settings and for different clientele, with emphasis on management of HIV, HCV and TB in PWID.

A toolkit to help establish appropriate quality-assured integrated care models which will be disseminated via various channels.

Lead: Kristel Kivimets, National Institute for Health Development (TAI/NIHD), Estonia,

Outputs & activities

  1. Development and dissemination of evidence- and practice-based tools and instructional materials for implementation of better quality care for PWID.
  2. Developing the mapping report of existing guidelines on quality of care and different models of care, quality assurance and improvement tools (QA/QI) that can be implemented by different stakeholders and service providers to improve the quality of care has started. Report will give concise systematic overview of most relevant guidelines and tools outlining their target audience, key recommendations. Analysis of existing quality indicators for HIV, HCV and TB care for PWID as well as for harm reduction interventions will be included in the mapping report. 
  3. Policy recommendations elaborated on the basis of the national workshops in Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary and Lithuania. 
  4. Mapping of existing guidelines
  5. Organised international workshop on integrated care at the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) conference in Vilnius, Lithuania (04-06 April 2017) on April 5th. Aimed to improve collaboration, facilitate networking and knowledge transfer, and exchange experiences and good practices on integrating services for PWID. 49 attendees with diverse backgrounds (state agencies, NGOs, health workers, PWID).
  6. Strengthened collaboration with Estonian Pharmacists’ Association (EPA) through workshops and established more open dialogue and cooperation. EPA will raise role of pharmacies in management of opioid addictions in future meetings.

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