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WP4 LFA workshop in Budapest, February 15-16, 2016

Logical Framework Approach Workshops 2016

15.02.2016 to 19.04.2016

In early 2016, HA-REACT is organising five Logical Framework Approach (LFA) Workshops to improve the project’s implementation.

LFA means participatory and analytical, comprehensive planning, with a strong orientation to objectives in order to ensure sustainable impacts. Through the LFA...

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HA-REACT Events and Meetings

06.10.2016 to 31.07.2018

The Joint Action on “HIV and Co-infection Prevention and Harm Reduction” (HA-REACT) brings together 23 Associated Partners and several more Collaborating Partners to address gaps in the prevention of HIV and other co-infections (particularly tuberculosis and hepatitis) in priority areas of the...

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Vilnius seminar

WP5 Lithuania and Latvia seminars to improve the prevention of HIV in people who inject drugs (PWID).

11.04.2016 to 15.04.2016
Lithuania and Latvia

Research group 21 of CIBERESP which is led by Luis de la Fuente Hoz organized these April 2016 meetings where experts from 10 countries were able to participate. This was developed under the European Joint Action project on HIV and Co-Infection Prevention and Harm Reduction (HA-REACT).


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Berlin prison visit

​WP6 Study tour for prison staff from Czech Republic

06.10.2016 to 07.10.2016

Within work package 6 (Harm reduction and continuity of care in prisons) on October 6-7, 2016, a delegation from Czech Republic (including the Directorate General and staff from a Czech pilot prison) visited two prisons in Berlin/Germany which serve as models for good practice of harm reduction...

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Madrid Mobile Unit

WP5. A Latvian delegation visited Spain to learn about improving prevention of HIV in populations of people who inject drugs

18.10.2016 to 21.10.2016

Last week a delegation from Latvia visited Madrid and Barcelona as part of the European project “Joint Action on HIV and Co-Infection Prevention and Harm Reduction” (HA-REACT). Latvian professionals from a variety of fields related to social health visited different organizations and resources...

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HA-REACT Partnership Forum

HA-REACT Partnership Forum

02.11.2016 to 03.11.2016

The 2nd Partnership Forum for the Joint Action HA-REACT was held on 2-3 November 2016 in Riga, Latvia. 52 associated and collaborating partners attended from over 17 countries for two and a half days of presentations. The coordinating team opened the meeting Wednesday morning with an overview...

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