HepHIV 2019 Conference in Bucharest, Romania, Podium

Community-led approaches are key in the response to HIV, TB and viral hepatitis

This time it was Bucharest, the capital of Romania that hosted the HepHIV Conference 2019. Romania holds the EU presidency in the first half of 2019, and faces challenges in responding to the HIV, TB and viral hepatitis epidemics, in particular when it comes to addressing and including key...

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HA-REACT structure overview

Harm reduction interventions need better funding mechanisms


Harm reduction services need sustainable funding mechanisms to improve testing and linkage to care for people who use drugs

Last week, the three-year European Union (EU) Joint Action on HIV and Co-infection Prevention and Harm Reduction (HA-REACT) has come to its...

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The European Commission Supports Harm Reduction For People Who Inject Drugs. Does Your Country? - By Jeffrey Lazarus, HA-REACT

European Commission supports Harm Reduction for PWID. Does Your Country?

By Jeffrey Lazarus, #HAREACT

We know what works. Opioid substitution therapy in prisons, safe needles in the streets, direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) for anyone who’s infected. No, what we need to eliminate hepatitis C isn’t more interventions. What we need is the political will to...

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Guideline on population size estimates of people who inject drugs and Harm Reduction coverage

New Guideline on population size estimates of PWID

The sole objective of this guideline is to summarize and educate about highly useful concepts for scaling up harm reduction in any country.

Estimates of the prevalence of drug use and its consequences have a major influence on many public policies. Estimating prevalence is especially...

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New HA-REACT Publication on Reducing Drug-Related Harms

The aim of this document is to show an approach based on the opportunities that harm reduction offers to people who use drugs, to the community and to society. It is part of the HA-REACT Joint Action on HIV and Co-infection Prevention and Harm Reduction.

"This booklet is an approach to...

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AIDS Action Europe's Member and Partner Meeting 2018

Addressing Women’s Needs in Harm Reduction Services. Member Meeting 2018

AIDS Action Europe Member and Partner Meeting took place on Saturday, October 20, in Berlin. This year the AAE Steering Committee decided to focus on 2 topics of concern for civil society organisations working in the field: good practices and gaps in addressing women in harm reduction and the...

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