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Трехлетний проект был запущен в конце 2015 года и финансируется Программой здравоохранения ЕС на 2014–2020 годы.


Work Package 6

Continuity of care in prisons logo HA-REACT 2019

Objective 3

To increase harm reduction and improve continuity of care for PWID in prison settings.


Work Package 4

Testing and linkage to care logo ha-react 2019

Objective 1

To improve early diagnosis of HIV, TB and viral hepatitis and improved linkage to care for PWID.


Work Package 7

Integrated care logo HA-REACT 2019

Objective 4

To improve the provision of integrated HIV, HCV and TB treatment and harm reduction for PWID


Work Package 5

Scaling up harm reduction logo HA-REACT 2019

Objective 2

To scale up harm reduction service in the EU, based on Latvian and Lithuanian case-studies.


Work Package 8

Sustainability and funding logo HA-REACT 2019

Objective 5

To update national programmes to overcome barriers to respond to HIV, TB and HCV-related needs 


HA-REACT addresses existing gaps in the prevention of HIV and other co-infections, especially TB and viral hepatitis, among people who inject drugs

This three-year project was launched in late 2015 with core funding  from the European Union, and is being implemented by 23 partners in 18 EU Member States.






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